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This is one $50.00 gift certificate which may be used to purchase anything on our website Gift certificates are great for any occasion and you may use one or more than one (as many as you like) when completing your purchase with us. Our gift certificates never expire!

Gift certificate(s) will be emailed to the recipient once your order has been completed. The lucky recipient will receive an email from us (for each gift certificate) containing a randomly generated gift certificate code(s). The code(s) may then be entered in our stores "apply coupon" field upon checkout.

The following instructions on how to use your gift certificate will also be included in the email sent to the recipient...
If your purchase totals less than your gift certificate: When a gift certificate is redeemed, the shopper will enter it in the store’s coupon code field. This can be done in either the View Cart Page or during the checkout process. The store will then place the Gift Certificate’s amount towards their final purchase. If a balance is left over, their certificate will still be good until the remaining amount is used up on subsequent orders.
If your purchase total equals the amount of your gift certificate(s): you will enter your gift certificate code in our store's coupon field upon checkout. You will then also click the "no payment necessary" box to complete your purchase.
If your purchase totals more than your gift certificate(s): you will enter your gift certificate code in our store's coupon code field upon checkout. The store will then direct you to other payment methods to pay for the remaining balance.

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