NEFERTITI Plumeria by Nui

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Flower: Exquisite 3"+ flowers emerging from deep plum colored buds and opening to reveal a most unique coloration - An unusual Dijon mustard gold surrounds the center and fades outward into orange cheeks and purple edges. Freshly opened flowers will be kisses with jewel tones while those that have faded become even more spectacular by fading into bluish purples. A slightly darker greenish/mustard venation extends outward from it center. Rare, fabulously unique, and showstopping! These plants were imported last season and have been growing in our greenhouses for nearly one year - well established plants! Photos give a good range of the color and flower shape to be expected. Photo credits and permission to use these photos given to/by Nui Leera. LIMITED!
Size: 18"+ tall approximately from the soil line

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