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When selecting Plumeria Rubra seeds, we select a particular variety in hopes that one or more of the pod parent traits (Mother plant where the seed comes from) are passed down to the seedlings. The traits could be flower shape, color, size, color placements, or scent. Traits can also refer to its growth habit - whether a variety is classified as a dwarf, compact, semi-compact or standard - from very slow growth each year (meaning just inches per year of growth) to standard growth per year (meaning 10"-20"+ per year of growth). All Plumeria Rubra seeds will be new varieties and each of these seedlings could be completely different from one another or similar to one another - completely different from the Mother plant or similar to the Mother plant  - BUT each will have its own unique DNA sequence. So seeds from a red Mother plant could produce seedlings that bloom any color in the Plumeria world - yellow, orange, purple, red, white, pink, brown, or rainbow patterns and flowers with many colors in them. Most seedlings will bloom white. But there are many fantastic white flowers in the plumeria world. Plumeria flowers with color in them can also be standouts. In any case, all Plumeria Rubra seedlings are new varieties that can be named by the grower (meaning you!). On average, seedlings will take from 1.5 years to 3, 4, 5+ years to bloom for the first time. Because seedlings' flower color and scent can change within the first 3 bloom cycles, it is customary to wait 4 bloom cycles before the flower color and scent remains the same from blooming cycle to blooming cycle. Seedlings are fun and exciting to grow, but do require a little patience while we wait for them to begin blooming. Enjoy and good luck growing your Plumeria seeds!!!

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